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Copyright notices for web site also known as Deron's Planet

Updated: March 2007

Copyright © 2003–2018 Deron E. Meranda

All content including images unless otherwise noted are copyrighted by Deron E. Meranda of the United States of America, as indicated by one of the following copyright statements:

Some content may be copyrighted under different terms than these—notably, software I release is usually placed under an Open Source or Copyleft license. In such cases appropriate copyright notices will be explicitly and clearly stated on such content.

If you have any questions, want clarification, or would like to negotiate different copyright or license terms on my work (such as for commercial use) feel free to contact me at


In general, YOU MAY COPY OR USE any material on my website with just a few restrictions, which follow.

Unless otherwise explicitly indicated, all content which I create and publish on this website is solely my own work. Neither my employer or any other party claims any intellectual property rights over this content. (Thus when I give you permission to copy, nobody else is going to come along and say that you can't.)

Permission to use, copy, or distribute all content found on my web page (unless otherwise noted to be under different copyright terms) IS SPECIFICALLY GRANTED to anyone for any purpose without further restrictions, provided that:

1. OTHER CONTENT. Any content which is not my own creation that is:

1(a). PUBLIC DOMAIN. Any material included on my website which is devoid of copyright (Public Domain) and which does not serve as an integral basis for the creation of a new work by myself (other than simple inclusion on my site) still remains fully in the Public Domain and I claim no copyright over it.

1(b). COPYRIGHTED. Any material which is copyrighted by other people and included on my website with permision remains the copyright of the original owner and may only be used according to their terms; the appearance on my website does not transfer any copyright to myself.

In all cases any such content not owned by myself will be clearly identified on those pages on which it appears. You may safely assume that all other content is my own.

2. COPYING. Verbatim copies of substantial portions of text (or materially equivalent) must give appropriate notice that the material is copyrighted by Deron E. Meranda and is used with permission. A hyperlink to my website is recommended but not required.

3. MODIFYING. Any type of modification to my text is permitted, but all modified copies (with the exception of trivial modifications of formatting or spelling corrections) must have a prominent notice that such text has been modified along with the nature of the modification, and is not my original work. [This is mainly to protect my reputation by preventing somebody from changing my wording and then claiming that's what I said.]

4. IMAGES AND NON-TEXT. All images, graphics, or non-textual content may be used for any purpose without restrictions. Note that website mechanics not intended to be directly read by a human, such as HTML structure, layout, or style sheets, are not consided text by me and therefore may be used under these looser restrictions. Identifying me as the copyright holder or as the source of your inspiration are certainly welcome, but not required for non-text content.


This copyright statement is different than my general web site copyright statement, and only covers WORKS OF FICTION appearing on this site and are explicitely indicated as being covered under my FICTION COPYRIGHT.

In general, copying is permitted only for non-commercial use. Modification is not permitted, except as permitted by fair-use laws.

This notice applies to all works of fiction writing that appears on my website that is so indicated as being copyrighted under these terms (my "fiction copyright"). All other materials, images, and web pages not so indicated are under different terms, either my general web site copyright or other terms if specifically mentioned.

1. COPYING. Verbatim copies of the ENTIRE work may be made, either in the format and presentation I have provided, or as plain text which is extracted from my presented work; provided that all:

1(a). Such copying is for non-commercial purposes; and

1(b). The work is not modified or altered in any way, other than as required for presentation, formatting, or media transfer; and

1(c). Attribution is clearly and fully given to me as being the author, along with an appropriate copyright notice and a mention of my official website "".