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Privacy statement for web site also known as Deron's Planet

Updated: December 2008

This privacy statement only concerns those web pages belonging to Deron E. Meranda, known as “Deron's Planet”, and which all reside under the URL

DATA COLLECTION POLICY: This website does not intentionally collect information about you, the user, except for standard web server logs. What is collected may include your IP address and domain name (if available), browser type, and possibly any referral URL.

COOKIES: My site does not use cookies.

LOCATION: This website is located in and under the legal jurisdiction of the State of Ohio of the United States of America.

This website conforms to the Platform for Privacy Preferences (P3P) standard which provides a machine-readable but equivalent restatement of this privacy policy to your web browser. For more information on P3P as well as verifying my website's P3P conformance, please refer to

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