There are several ways to install demjson.

Or optionally just embed it. As demjson is written in pure Python and the main code is contained in a single file, you could copy the file directly into your application without explicitly installing demjson.

Install from the downloaded package file

Download the source package from the download page, then at a command shell type:

tar -xvzf demjson-2.2.3.tar.gz
cd demjson-2.2.3
python install

If you are using Windows without a tar command, you can use WinZip or most other file archival programs to extract the source file archive.

Install using the Python Package Index (PyPI)

Installing from PyPI is the prefered method of installation, if you have access to the Internet. Newer versions of python may use pip, but you can also use the older easy_install method.

Installed as an OS package

If you are running a managed Linux distribution, demjson may already be available as an installable package. Note however that the available version may not be the latest.