If you are a downstream package maintainer for demjson, here's what you should know about demjson version 2.x. All others should consult the complete list of changes.

Please visit my download page and check any links I have to your downstream project. Let me know if there should be any changes or additions made.


About versions 2.0 and 2.0.1: A fellow package maintainer brought to my attention that I had made a mistake during the publishing of version 2.0; and for a few minutes a pre-release snapshot was unintentinally published until the upload of the final version was completed. The version of 2.0 that currently appears on this website as well as PyPI is correct (file size 116093).

However to avoid possible confusion to those that may have grabbed the pre-release, I am re-issuing 2.0 as 2.0.1. This new version is identical to 2.0, except that the version number has been bumped up.