Things to wish for

Been granted a wish and don't know what you want? Try one of the following (if you don't already have it or something similar). You should usually wish for armor first until you have a sufficiently negative AC rating.

  • blessed +2 gray dragon scale mail
  • blessed rustproof +2 gauntlets of power
  • blessed +2 shield of reflection
  • blessed fireproof +2 speed boots
  • blessed amulet of life saving
  • blessed bag of holding
  • blessed magic marker
  • blessed figurine of an Archon
  • blessed rustproof +2 Frost Brand
  • blessed platinum yendorian express card
  • blessed ring of levitation
  • 2 blessed scrolls of genocide
  • 2 blessed scrolls of charging
  • blessed fireproof +2 Hawaiian shirt
  • blessed fireproof +2 cloak of displacement
  • blessed fireproof +2 Cornuthaum (wizard only)

Nastiest creatures

The following are what I consider to be the nastiest and most annoying creatures you will encounter (excluding unique or named creatures), listed in the order I'd try to genocide them.

  • Master/Arch lich (L)
  • Master mind flayer (h)
  • Disenchanter (R)
  • Green slime (P)
  • Air elemental (E)
  • Kraken (;)

Of course lots of other monsters are also extremely tough, and some easy ones can be downright annoying. Pestilence is the one I hate the most though. But the above never fail to give me the shivers no matter how advanced my character.

Mandatory items and attributes

The following is the list of items or attributes you will almost always need to obtain to get very far. Okay, it may be possible to do without some of these, but it will be very challenging to do so. Note that to actually win the game (ascend) you will probably need much more than what's on this list; but if you can get that far you don't need my help.

Levitation: You will want some method of levitation, usually a ring of levitation or boots of levitation. If you can't find a levitation method, you will at least need some way to cross water; preferably water walking boots or if necessary by an amulet of magical breathing.

Protection: You should always be looking for ways to protect yourself, usually through better armor. But there are some items/intrinsics that are especially useful. These include:

  • Unicorn horn,
  • Blessed bag of holding,
  • Blessed luckstone.

Endgame Artifacts: To win the game you must obtain the following special items (except for the candles you can not wish for any of these):

  • Candelabrum of Invocation (from Vlad the Impaler),
  • 7 candles (can get anywhere),
  • Bell of Opening (from your Quest),
  • Book of the Dead (from the Wizard of Yendor),
  • Amulet of Yendor (in Moloch's high alter).