My own spoilers

Official 3.4 Spoilers

These are the official spoiler files for Nethack 3.4 maintained by Dylan O'Donnell and copied here in accordance with the license. The homepage of the spoilers is at

abbr-340.txt Acronyms and abbreviations
abil-340.txt Class- and race-dependent abilities and gained intrinsics
amul-340.txt Amulets and their properties
armr-340.txt Armour, its erosion and enchantment, and magic cancellation
art1-340.txt Artifacts and their properties
art2-340.txt Magicbane and artifact selection strategy
bone-340.txt Leaving and loading bones files
crwn-340.txt Crowning and its consequences
drgn-340.txt The dragon resistances
food-340.txt Food and hunger
foun-340.txt Quaffing from and dipping objects in fountains
gems-340.txt Gems, stones, and luck
gods-340.txt Gods, races and alignments
hppw-340.txt HP and power starting values, level increases, and regeneration
intr-340.txt Miscellaneous intrinsics
invt-340.txt Starting inventories by class and race
misc-340.txt Miscellaneous objects
mon1-340.txt Monsters and their basic properties and attacks
mon2-340.txt Monster generation and disposal
pot1-340.txt Potions and their direct effects
pot2-340.txt Potions, alchemy, and other miscellaneous properties
prst-340.txt Donating to priests
README Readme and spoiler license
ring-340.txt Rings and their generic properties
rint-340.txt Ring intrinsics
room-340.txt Special rooms, shops, and level sounds
scor-340.txt Calculation of player's score
scrl-340.txt Scrolls and their effects
sink-340.txt Effects of kicking and quaffing from sinks
spl1-340.txt Spells (learning, practising, and casting)
spl2-340.txt Spell effects
stat-340.txt Starting attributes
tabs-340.txt Consolidated item tables
thrn-340.txt Sitting on and kicking thrones
time-340.txt The effects of real-world time, date and moon phase
tool-340.txt Tools, their properties, and the invocation items
wan1-340.txt Wands and their effects
wan2-340.txt Breaking wands, cancelling, and polymorphing
weap-340.txt Weapons, weapon skills, and combat modifiers
xplv-340.txt Experience levels and rank titles

For the ‘@’ newbies

Nethack is a very hard game. The first step is to select an appropriate character.

  • Easy: Barbarian, Healer, Priest, Valkyrie
  • Moderate: Archeologist, Ranger, Rogue, Samurai, Wizard
  • Difficult: Caveman, Monk, Knight, Tourist

It is also easiest to play either the human or elf race. You will also usually wish to stick to neutral alignment (except for Knights which you should play lawful). For more starting hints, read my Newbies Guide to Nethack.

Dragon colors

“A dragon is just a snake that ate a scroll of fire.”

The nine different colors of dragons each have their own breath attacks (excluding the fabled multicolored Chromatic Dragon). Eating their corpses or wearing armor of their scales may offer like protection.

Black disentegration/death
Blue shock
Gray magic
Green poison
Orange sleep
Red fire
Silver reflection (no breath)
White cold
Yellow acid