Within the game of Nethack, there is a special multi-level section called Sokoban, which is a mini-logic-puzzle game. You find yourself in a tower of rooms with a maze-like set of barriers and holes in the floor and a collection of boulders blocking your way. You can only push the boulders forward and can not crawl over them. Only the right set of moves will let you climb to the top where a rich prize awaits.

Sokoban level 7

Here we see my poor weak wizard just after entering Sokoban for the first time. The "u" is not a unicorn, but rather my pet horse. I also have a pet cat roaming around someplace but I can't see him at the moment. I soon realize that this is a puzzle, with lots of holes in the floor and a scattering of bolders to push around to fill them in.

Sokoban level 6

Okay, I solved the first level. There were a couple creatures to fight, but mainly it was just puzzle solving. This one looks harder. I still have my pet horse, but I just could not get my cat to follow me up.

The spot I've marked with a yellow dot is where a Hill Orc really complicated things. He used a wand of digging to put an unplanned hole in the floor at that spot. The solution to this puzzle became much harder to solve with this extra hole to work around.

Sokoban level 5

No screen shots at the beginning of the level, but here's when I finally finished the level. The bottom long hallway had about a dozen holes in it before I filled them in. I then had to clear out the final room. I had about 8 creatures in it. One of them kept firing a wand of striking at me, almost killing me once.

Sokoban level 4

The previous three levels were challenging, but this final level proved to be quite a battle of wits and brawn. The bolder puzzle was hard enough as there are just enough bolders to solve the puzzle; I couldn't waste even a single one. Then I somehow attracted this really mean white unicorn. I lost my horse, and tried as I might I could not kill the annoying thing. Everytime he decided to butt me I'd go down 30 HP. Plus he kept jumping around behind bolders where I couldn't see him until it was too late. Then a floating eye decided to join in, threating to block me in behind a bolder.

Okay, the 16 bolders have finally been pushed into place. I had a potion of blindness left, so I decided to get a sneak peek at the zoo room before I opened the door. Oh no, it's packed and most of my spells have just worn out. The only one which is iffy is my spell of magic missle which has about a 60% failure rate. What am I going to do?

There's no turning back now. The swarm has been awakened. Here I standing just outside on my Elbereth engraving trying desparately to cast spells and zap wands to thin the room out. Fortunately it appears as if nothing inside is firing wands back at me.

I finally had to go in to wake everything else up. I finally get a good look at the room's contents and it looks like I still hadn't thined it out much. Back outside killing one at a time...

It's nice to see that all the creatures were caring money around. If I can solve this I'm going to get wealthy. But just as I thought I was in good shape some invisible creature (the "I") just starting pounding on me. He took me all the way down to 15 HP. From a potion of enlightenment I determined that I had waited long enough and it was safe to pray. Notice the message, it's so nice that Thoth was well-pleased. But it would have been nicer if he'd also raised my hit points. Arghhh. I'd no exhausted all my options except just try to get in one or two more swings of my sword. Fortunately that's all it took. That was close!

I collected all my gold and a bag of holding from one of the three closets in the room. It looks like my way out is going to be more of a fight than the way in...

Yes, I finally escaped all the way back out, alive! Time to take a little rest and figure out what to do next. I think I'll go find my spellbooks and read them again...