Game Summary
Survival?no, poisoned
Date finishedJanuary 2002
Lowest level50 Gehennom
Highest levelThe Astral Plane
Nethack Version3.3.1

Character Statistics
Race/SexHuman Male
Hit Points (HP)279
Magical Power259
Armor Class (AC)-43
AC without armor1
Experience Lev21

Primary Equipment
    +6 Frost Brand (long sword)
+0 Magicbane (athame)
+6 quarterstaff
  +4 silver dragon scale mail
+4 cloak of displacement
+5 T-shirt
+4 pair of speed boots
+5 pair of gauntlets of dexterity
+5 cornuthaum (wizard hat)
+4 small shield

* all weapons/armor were
  blessed and erode-proof
  Amulet of Yendor
Eye of Aethiopica
2 blessed bags of holding

Final Attributes
You were the Envoy of Balance
You were piously aligned
You were fire resistant
You were cold resistant
You were sleep resistant
You were disintegration-resistant
You were shock resistant
You were poison resistant
You were magic-protected
You saw invisible
You were telepathic
You were warned
You were clairvoyant
You were invisible to others
You were displaced
You had teleport control
You had slower digestion
You regenerated
You were protected
You were very fast
You had reflection
You were very lucky
You had reduced luck
Bad luck did not time out for you
You are dead (2nd time!)

Voluntary Challenges
You genocided 13 types
You never changed form
You used 14 wishes

Genocided Species
Class h
dwarf lords
dwarf kings
mind flayers
master mind flayers
Class L
master liches
Class R
  rust monsters

Known Spells
Attack (expert)
    force bolt 1
drain life 2
magic missle 2
fireball 4
finger of death 7
Enchantment (basic)
  sleep 1
slow monster 2
confuse monster 2
Divination (basic)
  detect monsters 1
clairvoyance 3
detect unseen 3
identify 3
Healing (basic)
  healing 1
cure blindness 2
extra healing 3
cure sickness 3
stone to flesh 3
restore ability 4
Escape (basic)
  jumping 1
haste self 3
invisibility 4
levitation 4
teleport away 6 (fail 91%)
Matter (basic)
  knock 1
wizard lock 2
dig 5 (fail 64%)
Clerical (unskilled)
  protection 1
turn undead 6 (fail 100%)

attack spells
  long sword
healing spells
divination spells
enchantment spells
escape spells
matter spells

High Score Record
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3.3.1 2836692 7 -5 51 174 279 2 20020128 20011221 42 Wiz Hum Mal Neu Deron,poisoned by Pestilence (with the Amulet)
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Deron the Sorcerer
Story of a Nethack near-Ascension

Poisoned by Pestilence on The Astral Plane
with 2836692 points and 42679 pieces of gold, after 95823 moves.

Deron, a human male, was like most any other wizard in training. Taking on the challenge of his god Thoth he entered the dungeon with little more than his will and a quarterstaff and a small pet dog. The monsters in the first several levels posed no significant trouble for the wizard, but unfortunately not so for the dog.

Dungeon Structure
3    entrance to Mines
 Mines 6: Town
 Mines 12: Wine cellar
5the Oracle
6entrance to Sokobon
11portal to Quest
 Quest 5: alter
15portal to Ft. Ludios
17Rogue level
30Valley of the Dead
34Asmodeus' Lair
35Baalzebub's Lair
36Jublex's Lair
39Orcus' Graveyard
40entrance to Vlad's Tower
46entrance to Rodney's Tower
50bottom of Hell

Deron avoided the mines at first and instead went on to solve Sokobon. Much experience was gained in Sokobon, not to mention the nice prize of a bag of holding. Passing up the call to his Quest, he next went on to rob Fort Ludios. The fort proved quite a challenge, but much reward was to be gained. Desperately needed armor was obtained as well as more food than could possibly be eaten. And with all the new found wealth, the wizard now felt prepared to enter the famed gnomish mines.

The Mines of Moria were difficult, but Deron took them on slowly and methodically. Several levels down a busy mine town was encountered. Lots of shops and rooms littered the main street. With his gold on hand many needed items were purchased. Luckly an aligned alter and priest were also in town, so he stopped by to make a few sacrifices and offerings. Our wizard then proceeded to go deeper into the mines. Several close calls occured, but he was determined to survive. Being such a weakling, a strict diet of giant meat was undertaken which would last most of his journey.

Finally the bottom was reached where the wizard found many gems, a luckstone, and a wine cellar full of useful and mysterious potions.

Our wizard was starting to become quite a powerful guy and he finally felt ready to take on the quest. The quest was full of mystery and adventure, but was of little difficulty. After conquering the Dark One, a special magical amulet was obtained.

Back in the main dungeon, the progression downward continued. A couple unaligned alters were converted by sacrifice, although the priests did not care for this desecration much. More gold was being accumulated and many, many sacrifices were being made. Even a few trips were made back to the mine town to give offerings to his priest. By now a rather good armor class was obtained, and a few token, but otherwise worthless artifacts had been granted. Our wizard was even crowned the Envoy of Balance by his god, granting him many useful intrinsics.

The first major problem was soon to be encountered, for the Isle of Medusa had been located but our wizard had no means of crossing the water. A new desparate mission of finding a means of passage was underway, preferably with a ring of levitation. The wizard scoured every nook and cranny of every level he had seen, collecting all the rings to be found, so many in fact that he could have opened up his own jewlery store. However among the many dozens of rings of almost every kind, not a single one posssed the power levitation. After many sessions of polymorphing his collection, at last the desired ring was obtained.

Medusa could now be conquered, although Deron was careful to wear his blindfold so that he would not glance at that horrid face which was known to petrify its onlookers with fright.

A couple more levels down was a huge castle. He was able to lower the drawbridge across the moat with his magical powers, begin careful not to stand too close. At that time a stream of soldiers and other monsters being alarmed by this intruder poored out to attack. Fending off all these creatures took every bit of the wizard's abilities, however the only creature to cause him much worry was a disenchanter. This powerful creature was draining the strength from his weapons and armor. A later scroll of genicide would now be reserved for this species.

More armor and other goodies were to be found inside the castle. But best of all was a fresh wand of wishing. Finally our wizard could ask for the items which he needed if he were to go much further. Perhaps most useful was a magic marker with which many useful scrolls could be written. Our wizard was also able to tame one of the fierce dragons which resided in the castle, he now had a pet silver dragon called Tin Foil.

Aside from a couple level draining attacks by some vampire lords, the Valley of the Dead was a tedious but not diffcult passage. Tin Foil would prove to be a mischievous pet once our hero decended into Gehennom. In one of the mazes below our wizard temporarily dropped his bag on the floor so as to unburden himself. Tin Foil immediately picked up the bag and proceeded to deposit it right on top of the nearest fire trap. Bad Tin Foil! Luckily no important posessions were lost. However several more levels down Tin Foil decided to run off by himself to fight a large group of demons. Tin Foil would be no more.

Soon our wizard was battling Asmodeous, Baalzebub, and Jublex. The death of Jublex was especially gratifying, since it was responsible for his cousin's demise several years ago. A large graveyard managed by Orcus was next. The stench of the undead was thick and gave Deron pause several times. When finally fighting Orcus, it summoned the dreaded devil Yennoghu. Our poor human was now fighting both of these fearful devils along with a swarm of other demons all at the same time. Fortunately a little cockatrice happened along and before long the graveyard was littered with statues.

It wasn't long before Deron had decended as far as he could. He then insured he was well prepared and then chased after the Wizard of Yendor. After killing the Wizard and obtaining the Book of the Dead, he quickly proceeded to the bottom and performed a ritual. Magically, a ladder appeared to a hidden level. Below our wizard would fight for and take back the Amulet of Yendor, the item he had been seeking all this time. He would now start his race back up and out of the dungeon.

His old foe the Wizard of Yendor would resurect and chase him several times, but a spell of finger of death took care of him with ease. Soon the point where his journey had started was reached and he climed out of the dungeon. He now took on the four Planes of the Elements: Earth, Water, Air, and Fire. A couple air elementals put up a noble fight, and on the last level a few Archons tested our escaping wizard's skill. But our wizard survived these elemental tests and was soon standing on the legendary Astral Plane, his ultimate destination.

The Astral Plane was the home of the Three Riders of the Apocolypse: Death, Famine, and Pestilence. Alas, this final test proved beyond our wizard's ability. Petilence alerted to this human's entrance eventually chased Deron and cornered him. Pestilence would repeated strike and make the poor wizard deathly ill. It was all he could do to heal himself over and over; he could perform no fighting. Eventually Pestilence would win and Deron was alive no more. Just a few steps short of returning the Amulet to his god, this last test of his courage and skill would prove too hard. May he rest in peace for coming so incredibly close to achieving what so many explorers before had fallen so short.

Pack Contents
    the cursed Amulet of Yendor
the blessed Eye of Aethiopica
an uncursed amulet of ESP
an uncursed amulet of magical breathing
  the blessed rustproof +6 Frost Brand (weapon in hand)
the blessed rustproof +0 Magicbane
a blessed fireproof +6 quarterstaff
  a blessed +4 silver dragon scale mail (being worn)
a blessed fireproof +4 cloak of displacement (being worn)
a blessed fireproof +5 T-shirt (being worn)
a blessed fireproof +4 pair of speed boots (being worn)
a blessed fireproof +5 pair of gauntlets of dexterity (being worn)
an uncursed fireproof +5 cornuthaum (being worn)
a blessed fireproof +4 small shield (being worn)
  2 uncursed eucalyptus leaves
2 uncursed K-rations
an uncursed lizard corpse
an uncursed clove of garlic
Potions (1)
  a potion of holy water
Rings (9)
  an uncursed ring of slow digestion (on right hand)
an uncursed ring of regeneration (on left hand)
an cursed ring of conflict
an uncursed ring of free action
an blessed +1 ring of increase accuracy
an uncursed ring of levitation
an blessed +3 ring of protection
an uncursed ring of protection from shape changers
an cursed ring of stealth
Wands (4)
  a wand of cold (0:5)
a wand of death (0:4)
a wand of speed monster (0:3)
a wand of teleportation (0:1)
  an uncursed blindfold (being worn)
a blessed bag of holding #1
a blessed bag of holding #2
a blessed +0 unicorn horn
the uncursed Candelabrum of Invocation (7 candles attached)
a blessed rusty tinning kit (0:1)
an uncursed skeleton key
Gems (2)
  a cursed luckstone
an uncursed black opal
Bags of Holding Contents (combined)
  42679 gold pieces
  2 uncursed amulets of life saving
  the blessed +0 Giantslayer
the +0 Trollsbane
25 blessed +0 daggers
a blessed +1 dagger
a blessed +0 silver saber
  a blessed fireproof +4 cloak of magic resistance
a blessed fireproof +0 robe
an uncursed +0 alchemy smock
a blessed greased +0 shield of reflection
an uncursed +0 shield of reflection
an uncursed +0 pair of water walking boots
an uncursed +0 pair of gauntlets of power
an uncursed +1 dunce cap
Rings (12)
  an uncursed +1 ring of gain constitution
an uncursed ring of aggravate monster
an uncursed ring of cold resistance
an uncursed ring of fire resistance
a blessed +1 ring of increase damage
an uncursed ring of invisibility
a cursed ring of polymorph
an uncursed ring of polymorph control
an uncursed ring of regeneration
an uncursed ring of shock resistance
an uncursed ring of sustain ability
an uncursed ring of warning
  a blessed tin of Wizard of Yendor meat
an uncursed lembas wafer
2 uncursed C-rations
12 uncursed K-rations
13 uncursed food rations
4 uncursed tripe rations
7 uncursed lizard corpses
2 uncursed cloves of garlic
3 uncursed carrots
a blessed tin of stone giant meat
2 uncursed slime molds
Potions (18)
  3 potions of holy water
2 uncursed potions of water
an uncursed potion of booze
an uncursed potion of confusion
an uncursed potion of full healing
a blessed potion of invisibility
a blessed potion of object detection
3 uncursed potions of object detection
an uncursed potion of oil
an uncursed potion of polymorph
an uncursed potion of restore ability
an uncursed potion of sleeping
an uncursed potion of speed
Spellbooks (5)
  a blessed spellbook of cure sickness
a blessed spellbook of dig
a blessed spellbook of identify
a blessed spellbook of finger of death
an uncursed spellbook of haste self
Scrolls (26)
  a blessed scroll of blank paper
3 cursed scrolls of blank paper
a blessed scroll of destroy armor
a cursed scroll of destroy armor
an uncursed scroll of earth
an uncursed scroll of enchant armor
4 uncursed scrolls of enchant weapon
an uncursed spellbook of fireball
2 uncursed scrolls of identity
a blessed scroll of magic mapping
an uncursed scroll of magic mapping
an uncursed potion of paralysis
a blessed scroll of remove curse
an uncursed scroll of remove curse
an uncursed scroll of taming
5 uncursed scrolls of teleportation
Wands (35)
  a wand of wishing (1:0)
a wand of enlightenment (0:9)
a wand of probing (0:4)
a wand of undead turning (0:8)
5 wands of digging (0:5) (0:4) (0:6) (0:7) (0:7)
a fireproof wand of digging (0:5)
2 wands of teleportation (0:6) (0:6)
a rusty wand of teleportation (0:5)
a wand of cold (0:5)
a wand of fire (0:1)
5 wands of lightning (0:5) (0:7) (0:8) (0:6) (0:3)
3 wands of striking (0:3) (0:4) (0:4)
3 wands of magic missle (0:5) (0:3) (0:3)
a wand of light (0:13)
a wand of polymorph (0:6)
a wand of create monster (0:14)
a wand of secret door detection (0:11)
2 wands of speed monster (0:8) (0:7)
a wand of sleep (1:14)
a wand of make invisible (0:7)
a blessed wand of make invisible (0:6)
  a +0 pick-axe
an uncursed sack (empty)
a +0 unicorn horn
a blessed magic marker (1:31)
a cursed can of grease (0:14)
an uncursed leash
an uncursed brass latern
a blessed oil lamp
an uncursed bugle
4 uncursed wax candles
10 uncursed tallow candles
a blessed tallow candle
an uncursed mirror
an uncursed leash
an uncursed tin whistle
an uncursed tin opener
an uncursed towel
an uncursed credit card
Gems (84)
  8 uncursed agate stones
4 uncursed amber stones
5 uncursed amethyst stones
7 uncursed black opals
2 uncursed chrysoberyl stones
4 uncursed citrine stones
3 uncursed diamonds
an uncursed dilithium crystal
8 uncursed emeralds
an uncursed fluorite stone
2 uncursed garnet stones
10 uncursed jade stones
3 uncursed jasper stones
5 uncursed jet stones
6 uncursed opals
10 uncursed rubies
2 uncursed topaz stones
3 uncursed turquoise stones
Vanquished Creatures
3635 creatures total
Unique Creatures
The Dark One
The Wizard of Yendor (6 times)
Vlad the Impaler
Special Nasties
  3 master mind flayers
2 mind flayers
4 rust monsters
3 disenchanters
a lich
21 gremlins
44 cockatrices
13 chickatrices
Angels and Demons
  2 Archons
an Aleax
3 Angels
10 mariliths
11 barbed devils
11 succubi
12 bone devils
12 incubi
12 vrocks
15 horned devils
19 ice devils
2 ki-rin
2 nalfeshnees
23 pit fiends
3 djinn
3 erinyes
5 hezrous
5 sandestins
6 balrogs
7 couatls
a water demon
  13 air elementals
27 fire elementals
29 earth elementals
13 water elementals
Dragons and Breathers
  11 black dragons
2 silver dragons
3 gray dragons
9 white dragons
11 blue dragons
18 red dragons
3 green dragons
6 orange dragons
8 yellow dragons
a baby silver dragon
a baby blue dragon
a baby red dragon
19 hell hound pups
14 hell hounds
5 winter wolf cubs
3 winter wolves
  a guardian naga
4 golden nagas
5 black nagas
10 red nagas
The Undead
  5 Nazguls
51 wraiths
9 barrow wights
44 ghosts
17 ghouls
5 skeletons
39 vampires
38 vampire lords
22 dwarf zombies
16 elf zombies
21 etting zombies
17 gnome zombies
20 human zombies
13 kobold zombies
13 orc zombies
23 giant zombies
11 giant mummies
12 dwarf mummies
4 elf mummies
3 ettin mummies
5 gnome mummies
7 human mummies
4 kobold mummies
5 orc mummies
6 shades
  6 werewolves
2 wererats
3 werejackals
Humans and Elves
  7 captians
12 lieutenants
26 sergeants
121 soldiers
4 watchmen
a watch captain
a barbarian
a valkyrie
a high priest
12 aligned priests
17 nurses
5 doppelgangers
27 Green-elves
16 Grey-elves
16 Woodland-elves
12 Elvenkings
24 elf-lords
  20 fire giants
3 frost giants
13 hill giants
20 stone giants
13 storm giants
4 ettins
2 titans
20 minotaurs
  41 trolls
7 ice trolls
28 rock trolls
21 Olog-hai
  14 orc-captains
25 Mordor orcs
29 Uruk-hai
7 orc shamans
54 hill orcs
9 goblins
29 hobgoblins
Hobbits and Dwarfs
  10 hobbits
33 dwarves
6 dwarf lords
2 dwarf kings
  72 gnomes
10 gnome kings
26 gnome lords
12 gnomish wizards
Amorphous and Spheres
  10 floating eyes
12 pyrolisks
7 freezing spheres
26 flaming spheres
19 shocking spheres
a gas spore
7 green slimes
19 gelatinous cubes
13 quivering blobs
15 acid blobs
11 gray oozes
46 black puddings
12 brown puddings
12 ochre jellies
7 spotted jellies
4 blue jellies
9 lichens
9 violet fungi
2 brown molds
2 yellow molds
2 green molds
2 red molds
12 energy vortices
9 fire vortices
14 steam vortices
4 ice vortices
13 dust vortices
9 fog clouds
25 yellow lights
17 black lights
  5 clay golems
10 flesh golems
5 glass golems
8 gold golems
4 iron golems
10 leather golems
4 paper golems
10 rope golems
14 stone golems
7 straw golems
3 wood golems
Plain Animals
  15 jackals
2 little dogs
5 large dogs
4 dingos
6 coyotes
33 wolves
2 kittens
4 housecats
3 large cats
9 jaguars
4 lynxes
4 panthers
12 tigers
3 foxes
6 white unicorns
5 black unicorns
6 horses
4 ponies
18 warhorses
4 mastodons
3 monkeys
11 apes
8 carnivorous apes
10 sasquatches
16 yetis
17 bugbears
24 owlbears
18 ravens
24 giant bats
10 bats
54 vampire bats
5 jellyfish
14 giant eels
8 electric eels
7 krakens
3 piranhas
4 sharks
6 crocodiles
6 chameleons
10 lemures
11 geckos
14 iguanas
16 salamanders
42 lizards
14 newts
4 rabid rats
7 sewer rats
8 giant rats
18 garter snakes
10 snakes
15 pit vipers
11 pythons
12 cobras
2 queen bees
86 killer bees
21 giant beetles
16 scorpions
2 centipedes
11 cave spiders
15 giant spiders
24 soldier ants
20 fire ants
32 giant ants
9 purple worms
17 long worms
Other Creatures
  9 jabberwocks
21 quantum mechanics
15 gargoyles
9 winged gargoyles
11 baluchitheria
12 titanotheres
9 trappers
11 lurkers above
16 zruties
14 umber hulks
5 glass piercers
8 iron piercers
12 rock piercers
32 xans
17 small mimics
12 large mimics
9 giant mimics
2 wumpuses
27 stalkers
15 xorns
25 wargs
18 ogres
20 ogre lords
19 ogre kings
22 leocrottas
10 mountain centaurs
12 forest centaurs
9 plains centaurs
19 leprechauns
4 mumakil
31 rothes
11 rock moles
8 imps
18 manes
15 tengu
19 quasits
12 wood nymphs
9 water nymphs
13 mountain nymphs
3 shriekers
18 homunculi
4 kobolds
4 kobold lords
a kobold shaman
4 large kobolds
25 grid bugs