Names of People

1990 US Census Data. These lists of names were released by the US Census Bureau, on their Frequently Occurring Surnames from the 1990 Census page. They have also published a 2000 Names data set, which I have not used here.

Read about these tables. They are sorted by popularity, see summary data below for alphabetically sorted.

  • The 2,500 most popular last names (text, csv);
    (All last names compressed, ~90,000 names).
  • Female first names (text, csv) — 4,275 names
  • Male first names (text, csv) — 1,219 names

Derived Data. The following tables were derived (some by me) directly from the above official tables.

  • All first names (both genders combined) (text, csv)
  • Unisex names (used equally by males and females) (text, csv)
  • Names used as both first and last names (text, csv)

Summary Data. These tables are summarizations or combinations with other sources. They are sorted alphabetically.

Word frequencies

The most common English words including the parts of speech.

Word lists

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