Python software

  • demjson — a JSON data encoding module (for Ajax applications, and language-independent data exchange).
  • demset — a complete implementation the of set and frozenset types, but which works under old versions of Python too.
  • egd — retrieves cryptographically strong random numbers from an EGD (entropy gathering daemon), useful for Unix systems that do not have a /dev/random device.
  • httpheader — helps web programmers correctly deal with many of the complex HTTP 1.1 headers, especially for content negotiation, byte range processing, etc.

See my python pages.

C and C++ software

  • readsecret — A C library for reading secrets or passwords from a command-line interface. Similar to GNU getpass() but better.

See my C pages.



My github repositories

These are some of my repositories available on github.

GitHub repo Project homepage
dmeranda/readsecret readsecret homepage
dmeranda/demjson demjson homepage
dmeranda/httpheader httpheader homepage

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