This page is about me, Deron Meranda. Also see about this web site.

I am a computer programmer by profession, and also enjoy many kinds of creative and artistic activities. I am an avid photographer and also a bibliophile. I live in Ohio in the United States, and I've been on the Internet since 1989 in some form or other (about 29 years now).

Contacting me

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Computer interests

My favorite programming language is Python, though I'm also quite adept in Ruby, C and C++. Over the years I've probably used over 30 or more languages, and I have a particular fancy for functional languages.

Linux and other Unix operating systems are where I spend most of my computing time. I have done a lot of systems-level and network programming, Unix systems and network administration, as well as specializing in computer security and cryptographic applications and protocols.

I have a lot of experience in all aspects of website construction, everthing from the low-level details of the network protocols to design and usability. I'm particularly facinated with web-based application programming and have even written several successful frameworks of my own.